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My music today…

Today I am listening to Hawk Nelson's new song, "Words."  I absolutely love this song!  I am also listening to LIfehouse...especially their songs, "Everything" and "Storm."  Most days I just hit the repeat button on songs like these.  I'll be listening to these songs today on the way to the ballpark:) on the way to lunch:) on the way to the house:)  So that's my music today...I'd like to know who you are listening to today.  Something old?  Something new?

2 thoughts on “My music today…

  1. Raymond Perrin

    Thanks for the post Jeff. This reminds me that Christ followers ought to primarily listen to music that exalts the Lord, which probably offends some people. I read once that music is the language of emotion, and there's a lot of truth in that. There is something special about Christian and worship music that draws our hearts toward God. On the flip side, secular music as a whole tends to draw our thoughts and emotions away from Him toward self. Scripture reminds us that God wants it all, which ought to include our listening and viewing habits. My intention is not to vilify all secular music, but as a general rule we should pump our minds and hearts with Godly messages and songs that remind of us God's love, goodness, and grace. And certainly we should not crave secular music more than Christian and worship music. More so, we ought to crave a deeper walk with God, and the music we listen to should reflect that.
    This week I've been listening to Hillsong's- "I Surrender," Tomlin- "Whom Shall I Fear," and select songs from "Music inspired by The Story."


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