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Today’s tunes…

Today I am listening to a nice mix: "God of Victory" by The Village Church, "A Messenger" by Colton Dixon, and "God Be Praised" by Gateway Worship.  I love my days off, and I love listening to some good music while the rain falls outside:)  Who will you be listening to today?

2 thoughts on “Today’s tunes…

  1. Cathy Hays

    Well, as i just received your email.. I am currently listening to Pandora at work. My category on this rainy Friday is "easy listening". Currently playing: "How much I Feel" by Ambrosia.

    Looking forward to some pretty weather for the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids tomorrow.

    1. Jeff

      I actually just listened to "Easy" by the Commodores:) That describes my morning, so far. Also, just wanted you to know that we moved the Easter Eggstravaganza to next Saturday, due to the weather.


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