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My God will hear me…

"But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord.  I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."   Micah 7:7


Micah watched as his nation continued to decay from the inside out.  The people of his nation had turned away from God.  Society was slowly disintegrating, but Micah continued to hold on to hope...hope for change...hope for a new beginning.  Even his name points to hope..."who is like Yahweh?"...hope in the One, True God!  Micah's message was simple: God's judgment would be poured out upon His people for the wickedness of their hearts and lives.  God was calling them to repentance.  God was offering them restoration.  What a God!  What a hope!  Even Micah asked in 7:18, "Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance?"  Micah's message was not one of just judgment; his message was one of hope, as well!  He said in 7:7, "But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord.  I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."  Micah's hope was God.  His hope was in salvation promised by the Lord.  His hope was in knowing that God would hear his cry. 

Today, our nation seems to be moving with a full head of steam into decay and disintegration.  We are seeing more and more immorality in our homes, schools, and workplaces.  We are seeing so much anger, hatred, and bitterness in people.  We are seeing godlessness at its highest level in our nation's history.  It would be very easy for us to lose all of our hope if we put it in ourselves or in our leaders.  We need to be like Micah.  We need to recognize that God will pour out His judgment upon His people for their wickedness and godlessness.  But we also need to recognize the hope we have in God!  We need to recognize the offer of forgiveness and restoration that God has for us.  We need to watch in hope for the Lord.  We need to wait for God our Savior.  Our God will hear us!  2 Chronicles 7:14 says, "If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."  My hope is in my God!  I will humble myself before Him.  I will pray to Him and seek His face.  I will repent of my sins.  My God will forgive me and heal me.  My God will hear me!  He is my hope!

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