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Wait for the Lord…


This morning when I got to the office, I turned on my computer and quickly typed my password.  The password box shook and nothing happened.  I quickly typed my password again.  The password box shook and nothing happened.  I took a deep breath and waited a moment, and then I patiently and slowly typed my password.  This time my password was accepted and the computer lit up.

We are busy people.  We are busy at work.  We are busy at home.  We are busy, busy, busy.  I've said this many times, and I'm borrowing a food chain when I say it, but we are "Burger King" people.  We are people who want to "have it our way, right away."  What I am finding more often than not is that I am not only like this in my work and in my home, but I am also like this in my relationship with God.  Many times my prayers are quick and one-sided.  Many times I am asking God to line up with me rather than asking God to help me line up with Him.  Many times I am asking God to work according to my schedule rather than asking God to help me work according to His schedule.  We are pressured in our jobs.  We are pressured in our homes.  And whether the pressure comes from others or comes from self, the pressure can have the same result.  Pressure can cause us to move too quickly.  It can cause us to become unsettled.  It can cause us to do things before we think about what we are doing.  David was under intense pressure in Psalm 27.  David's enemies were pressing against him on every side.  The pressure was real in David's life, and he was worried.  He needed help, and he needed it quickly.  But rather than taking matters into his own hands and rather than doing something quickly before thinking about it, David turned to God.  David ran to God's house.  David found courage and strength and peace in God that he could find from no one else; he found patience in the presence of God.  After lifting up his heart to God and lifting up his requests to God for protection and for guidance, David finally says in Psalm 27:13-14, "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."  I don't know how busy you are today at work and at home.  I don't know what kind of pressures you face at work and at home, whether they are pressures you have created or pressures that others have put on you.  I don't know what kind of prayers you are lifting up to God or if you are even praying at all.  But I do know this: GOD LOVES YOU!  GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW HIM PERSONALLY AND INTIMATELY.  GOD WANTS TO WORK POWERFULLY IN YOUR LIFE!  Are you willing to drop your "Burger King" attitude?  Are you will to have it God's way in God's time rather than "having it your way, right away"?  Are you willing to ask God to help you align toward Him rather than asking God to align toward you?  Are you willing to wait on the Lord?  David found courage and strength and peace in the midst of incredible pressures.  David found courage and strength and peace while waiting on the Lord.  You and I can find courage and strength and peace, as well.  We can and will find it when we wait on the Lord.  Believe it!  Claim it!  Live it! 

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