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I Thank God For You – Part 4

"I thank my God every time I remember you."   Philippians 1:3

I've always loved Start, Louisiana.  I loved growing up in Start.  I loved the fact that our house was just across the field from my Aunt Nancy and my Uncle James' house.  I thank God for my Aunt Nancy and Uncle James Wilson.  I think I could probably write a book about all the things they taught me over the years, but I am going to try to keep it short.  My Aunt Nancy was a praying woman.  She loved the Lord; I never had any doubt about that.  She knew the Bible.  It seems like every memory I have of her is a memory where she shared at least one reference to the Bible, no matter what I was talking about or doing.  She prayed for my Uncle James daily.  My Uncle James was a good man, a hardworking man, a respectful man.  But my Aunt Nancy told me to pray for him with her about his salvation.  When my Uncle James was in his early 60's, one Sunday morning he walked down the aisle of our church and repented of his sins.  He confessed Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.  He was still a good man, a hardworking man, a respectful man, but now he was a saved man!  I learned so much from Aunt Nancy and Uncle to work in the garden, how to cook, how to wash clothes and dishes, how to read the Bible, and how to pray.  Aunt Nancy taught me and Marty about the role of the wife in marriage.  Uncle James taught us the role of the man in marriage.  But most of all, Aunt Nancy and Uncle James taught me how to fear God and to love God and to serve God.  I am thankful for the investment Aunt Nancy and Uncle James made in my life, treating me like one of their very own children.  I am thankful for my own parents who helped build and ground me in my faith in the Lord, and I am thankful for Aunt Nancy and Uncle James adding to it.  Much of my life was impacted and influenced by James and Nancy Wilson.  And even to this day, even though they both passed away several years ago, their impact and influence is still very much a part of my life.  I thank God for Aunt Nancy and Uncle James.  I thank God that one day I will see them again because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Thank You, Father, for these special people you put in my life.  Thank You for saving them and speaking through them time after time again in my life.  Thank You, Father, for the sweet memories that I carry with me everywhere I go of my Aunt Nancy and Uncle James.  Amen.

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